A new era for junior doctor representation

Putting doctors' pay first


Junior doctors are earning 30% less than 10 years ago

While private sector pay has risen since 2009, junior doctor pay has fallen significantly


We want to see pay restoration

We feel that a doctor today isn't worth 30% less than a doctor 10 years ago, and want to see pay put back on the BMA agenda. We want to reverse the pay cuts and have pay restoration to back to 10 years ago

So what's the plan?

BMA Council elections

We currently have 47 confirmed candidates who are pro-pay restoration. We plan to elect them for the UK BMA council, which should take us up to the 41 places we need in order to win a majority.

The voting period for new UK BMA council elects opens on Wednesday 16 March 2022. Ballot papers are sent out via post to BMA members, which is why it is crucial you are registered with the BMA with an up-to-date postal address. Council members serve four-year terms, with elections only taking place once every four years, which is why it is vital we gain as much support as possible.

We have enough candidates to really shape the priorities of the UK council if they are elected, which is why your votes are absolutely critical, as historically there has been a low turn out at BMA elections.

You're now probably wondering how can I help?

  • Sign up for the BMA (if you're not already)
  • Ensure your postal address with the BMA is correct
  • Subscribe to the newsletter
  • Follow us on Instagram (@doctorsvote)
  • Spread the word!

Spreading the word is really important. There are a number of ways you can help us achieve this, whether it be by sharing our infographics, following our Instagram, or ordering and displaying some posters around your departments, hospitals, messes and medical schools.

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